Friday, April 27, 2012

Follow Friday (13)

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Q: Have you had a character that disappointed you? One that you fell in love with and then "broke up" with later on in either the series or a stand-alone book? Tell us about him or her.

That actually happened to me recently, while reading Touch of Frost. The book's summary and beginning of the book promised a strong, independent, kick-ass heroine that I'd love. However, the way she acted as the story went on totally clashed with my idea of her. She criticized and scoffed at everything! I really hope it gets better in the next books, since I've heard so many good things about them.


Patricia said...

Oooh, I wanted to read that, then read the prequel novella and the blurb and figured it wouldn't be a book for me. Your answer here just confirmed that impression. :>

Patricia // My Hop

Ella said...

I have added Touch of Frost to my TBR list yesterday! I'm really curious about this book ^^

Old follower :)
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Gabby said...

Great pick! I totally forgot about this book. I tried to read this book and I couldn't do it I got half way through and just couldn't continue. New Follower. -- Gabby @ The Ya Pixie

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Mimi Valentine said...

LOL Sophie! Here's my confession: To choose what book I'm going to read next, I usually read the first chapter or so of it to see if it will hook me, and if not, then I'll save it for later. I read the first bit of Touch of Frost the other day and I frowned at Gwen's attitude too! She didn't have to be an angel or anything, but it'd be nice if she wasn't so critical, right? x)

I feel like we bond over books more and more every time I read your blog, Sophie! ♥ Just wait until the day I love a book that you hate or vice versa -- we'll have a debate about it!! ;)

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