Monday, April 02, 2012

Monday morning news

♔ I should start naming this Monday evening news, since I'm posting around that time, lately.

♔ Onto the new covers! This time there are only two of them (as I said before, it's not possible that there are so many new covers popping up each week).


♔ Simone Elkeles came to Barcelona! It was SO GREAT. She's really awesome; more than I expected (and that's saying something)! We had a great time with both her and Gabriel Chavarría, the actor playing Luis Fuentes on her book trailer. I was most surprised and delighted to realize I had seen him in a movie I watched at school, Freedom Writers. He was great (and handsome!) and shared his acting experience. It was very interesting, and he even talked in Spanish.

The proof! Posters and bookmarks they gave us at the signing (from the publisher) and my now signed book! <3 Of course, I asked both of them to sign it. :) By the way, the poster and books are dedicated to my twin sister and me, that's why there are two names! lol

♔ Mimi from Mimi Valentine, one of the loveliest people I've ever met, celebrated her FIRST BLOGOVERSARY! She's even hosting an amazing giveaway, so go over to her post!

♔ Totally random, but I'm excited and couldn't keep it to myself... I'm slowly making progress towards completing my box of starts. Look! It looks so full already! Can't wait to finish filling it with colored stars and see the final result.


Miss Page-Turner said...

I love meeting authors and Simone Elkeles sounds so nice. I would love to meet her, too. And of course the hot Fuentes boy:P

Mimi Valentine said...

SOPHIE!!!! I seriously wish you lived in Canada right now so I could run over to your house and tackle you in a bear hug! I squealed when I saw my name on your blog -- it made my day (and that it was in PINK made it so much better LOL)! Thankyouthankyouthankyou... I HEART YOU, SOPH! ♥ :')

But this post isn't all about me, of course x) LOL even if there can't be a million mind-blowing covers every week, those two are still really pretty. And it's so cool that you met Simone Elkeles too! But I can't believe I never knew that your sister was your TWIN. That is honestly too cool for words!!! Does that mean there's double the awesome Sophieness in your house? You must have so much fun! :)

Let me raid this post with hearts ♥♥♥

Carina said...

Soooo jealous you got to meet Simone Elkeles! But it's really awesome, too, so I'm glad you enjoyed meeting her (and Gabriel ;) ).

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