Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday morning news

♔ New newish and SWOON-WORTHY covers. Pardon my fangirlism, but who could stay quiet after seeing the covers for The Lost Prince and The Iron Legends? The other covers are of series I've seen, me particularly being excited for Scent of Magic. And there isn't even release date! *goes cry in a corner*



♔ And also new book trailers! And I have to say I LOVED Until I Die's. It was very unique, and Paris is nothing short of gorgeous.

♔ Another The Golden Lily teaser. Should that be included with the book trailers? BAH! It's The Golden Lily and it deserves its own point/crown/section. Gosh, I really, really cannot wait to read that book.


Linny @ Linnys Literature said...

Definitely loving the covers of The Iron Prince and The Iron Legends too! Especially Iron Legends.. gotta say Puck and Ash are lookin' good. ;) Vicious Deep sounds really good too. Thanks for sharing!

Mimi Valentine said...

Oh my gosh, MORE JULIE AWESOMENESS. I don't think it's possible to stay quiet after seeing those, Soph! Not only are they such gorgeous covers, but anything that has to do with Julie Kagawa is squeal-worthy x) And even though I'm still oblvious to Maria V. Snyder's awesomeness (or not-so-oblivious after reading reviews like yours LOL but still out of the loop), I ordered a copy of Poison Study from the library and it should be in soon!

And the Until I Die trailer! THE GOLDEN LILY TRAILER. So much love and so much excitement for those!! :')

This is why I love Mondays! I hope yours is being nice to you so far, Sophie! :) ♥

Sam said...

I love the cover for The Lost Prince! It's gorgeous and that Ethan on the cover?! :D I seriously cannot wait for that book. Also, thanks for sharing those trailers! I haven't seen the Until I Die's trailer before but it looks epic. :)

Miss Page-Turner said...

Why haven't I seen Julie Kagawa's covers before!?! Love the The Iron Legends cover, but am not sure about The Lost Prince. I like how he looks, but his eyes appear a bit disturbing.

velvetmorning82 said...

I am going to make the difference (sorry i can't help it) and say that the cover for Endless is sooo cute! I love L.O.V.E the series so much i can't wait to read the 4rd book (September seems so long now =(

Jennifer said...

Those covers are so gorgeous.

And *fangirls till the end of time* over that teaser quote trailer for The Golden Lily. Bloodlines was so amazing. Sydney is my spirit animal and I love Adrian to death, haha.

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