Friday, May 18, 2012

Follow Friday (16)

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Q: Summer Break is upon us! What would be the perfect vacation spot for you to catch up on your reading & relax?

Well, I think that'd be my grandparent's house at a village in the mountain. In the summer it's very sunny, but not too hot because of the location, and it's wonderful sitting outside and reading, with the wind and the birds' chirping. I can't think of a better place!


Vanya D. said...

Love your description! Can I visit? LOL

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Hilda K said...

Oooh, I LOVE your description, Sophie! I love peacefyl place like the one you described! It's so cool that your grandparents live in a village in the mountain. I bet there are many trees enough to make the place cool! x)

I hope you have an amazing summer! :)

Beverley said...

Oh my gosh, that sounds perfect, Sophie!!! I love how your grandparents live in a mountain village, how cool is that? I wish we had sunnier weather here in the UK :(

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Fall Into Books said...

Sounds like a great pick! Thanks for stopping by. New follower :D

Amber @ Fall Into Books

Alison Can Read said...

Hopping through. There's something special about the mountains. I love the smell of the air.
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x) Ruty said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!
I'm following you now!
Int the mountain??? We don't have mountains in Uruguay and I love to visit one someday!
Have a nice weekend!

Shan @ Teatime Books said...

Village in the moutains? I think so! Sounds amazing (:

New follower x

Mimi Valentine said...

Awww, your summer getaway sounds so beautiful and peaceful! I love that you like to read outside too, Soph :) I may not have a cottage to escape to like you do, but my aunt has this huge mini-waterfall pond in her backyard and I always got there to sit under the shade with a book and read. I'm bad at listening to music while I read, but listening to the sound of birds chirping and water running... It's the best! :')

But enough of my Mimi rambling again x) This was a perfect pick, Sophie! I hope you have a warm, sunny, and beautiful long weekend in Spain! ♥

Red Headed Bookworm said...

Sounds great! Thanks for visiting New Follower

Marshiee Kai said...

Oh man thats so cool! I love the air at the mountain! So peaceful! So jealous of you right now. You can go there anytime you want! So cool! BTW thanks for stopping by my blog!

Lu said...

Reading in the mountains is a great answer!

Have a great weekend!
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