Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday morning news

♔ New batch of covers! My favorite is, without a doubt, Envy. It's the UK addition, and I think it's a shame the US didn't follow the first book's theme! The Fall to Pieces one is also pretty awesome, and The Program looks kind of creepy.



♔ Only one new trailer this week! I'm quite curious about the book, Slated. However, the book trailer left me a bit confused as to the theme of the book. Nice music, though.

♔ There's a special bonus scene of the Soul Seeker series by Alyson Noël. You can read it here. Apparently, it's of how Daire and Ever meet (sorry, haven't read the series so I can't say much!).  PLUS the first images of the Fated book trailer, which looks awesome.

♔ The author of What a Boy Wants (a book I'm planning to read really soon) has released the title and the cover for the companion novel, What a Boy Needs. And all I have to say is... Wow! She's really lucky, she got two handsome boys for both her covers :D

♔ THERE'S A TEASER FOR SPARK! Yup, the second book of the Elemental series by Brigid Kemmerer. Simply one of the most fantabulous books I've read this year. And now there's a teaser, and I don't know whether to cry or jump around in happiness. Anyways. You can read the teaser here.


Hilda K said...

Ooh, the girl in the cover of Envy has such beautiful hair! I hope that my hair could be half as pretty as hers LOL! Going Vintage seems like a book I'm going to love - I adore all things vintage! x) The Program has such strange yet intriguing cover! Love the image of Fated book trailer! It makes me want to check out her books! <3

Love your Monday Morning News, Sophie! You always post such interesting things. I hope you're having a wonderful Monday! :)

Maja (The Nocturnal Library) said...

Twisted Tragedy is definitely my favorite of these - I hadn't noticed it before. Must go research... by which I mean look into it on GoodReads, haha.
Awesome post, Sophie!

roro said...

awesome post
yes love the uk cover of envy

Cayce said...

Love this post! :)
The UK cover of Envy is stunning, and Going Vintage looks interesting. I'l have to check that out.
I LOVED What a Boy Wants, and can't wait to read Jaden's story :)
Slated is also on my tbr :)))

Mimi Valentine said...

Awww, that little short story between Daire and Ever was SO CUTE -- I love how Alyson Noel tied both of her worlds together! I'm going to try and get into Fated again, and hopefully this time I'll be able to finish! :) But until then, I completely fangirled over that teaser for Spark!!! Didn't you just love Simon & Layne?? I can already tell that Brigid is creating an original and heart-stealing cast and I couldn't be more excited! :')

So much awesomeness for this Canadian-holiday Monday! I'm at my grandma's right now and she looks like she wants to kick my butt of the computer, but I just HAD to stop by to read your MM post. I hope you have a wonderful day, Soph! ♥ :)

Sophia said...

OH MY GOD THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS POST, SOPHIE! The Program has been on my tbr list for like a year already, and I've been so excited for it. I had NO idea that it had a cover and an updated synopsis. *slaps self for not going on GR in a long time* I LOVE the cover of Envy. It's so gorgeous, although I've yet to read the first book. Wonderful post, Sophie! <33

Nicola said...

I LOVE the covers for Going Vintage and The Program! The bright colours are just awesome!

Rebecca (Kindle Fever) said...

Wow! Envy is so GORGEOUS. o.o I absolutely love it! And those images from the book trailer definitely looks awesome. Ohoo

Mel - Thedailyprophecy. said...

The new cover from Envy is soooo pretty. I love the colors <3 And I love the pictures from Fated. The girl is gorgeous!

Thanks for sharing this amazing stuff ^^

Sam said...

Wow! I missed the cover reveal for The Dark Unwinding and The Program! Both look amazing. Thanks for sharing, Sophie. :)

Miss Page-Turner said...

Everyone seems to be excited for The Progam, but strangely I am not at all. It does look creepy!!

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