Sunday, June 10, 2012

Showcase Sunday 3

Showcase Sunday is a weekly feature inspired by Alea at Pop Culture Junkie and hosted by Vicky at Books, Biscuits and Tea, used to showcase the books we bought, borrowed, got for review...



Scarlet by A.C. Gaughen
Unraveling by Elizabeth Norris

I've heard nothing but great things about both these books, so i really couldn't resist! Me and my soft spot for good books... Anyways! I hope I can get to read both of these soon, and hopefully find more favorites of the year (as if I didn't have a lot already! lol).

Sorry I've been missing all week, but my finals are taking all my time. But tomorrow is the big day when I finish my last "difficult" exam, so afterwards I'll be more less free :)

Good luck to all of you who still have finals like me~ Have a great week <3


Hilda K said...

Good luck with your exams, Sophie! I know you'll do great! <3 I can't wait to read your review of Unraveling, I hope you'll enjoy it! Scarlet sounds like an amazing read too. I really need to check it out!

Happy reading, and enjoy your books! <3

Arila said...

Ohhhh! Scarlet! Lo tenía fichado como en Navidades y luego me olvidé de él, pero tiene super buena pinta. Ya nos contarás si merece la pena. ¡Suerte en los exámenes! Un beso =)

Carina said...

You're not the only one being held back by stupid exams. Good luck for yours tomorrow! I'll have one tomorrow, too, and really should be learning right now. :D

But huge YAY! for awesome book. Heard good things about SCARLET and really liked UNRAVELING.

Happy reading!

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

oooh, i'd love to read scarlet!! enjoy!

my post is here:
Sunday Shout Out

Sam said...

I hope your exams are going okay! Good luck with them! :)

Scarlet and Unravelling are two books I really enjoyed so I hope you like them too. :)

Nicola said...

I'm so happy you got Unraveling, Sophie! You'll definitely love it. :D

I can't wait to see what you think of Scarlet... I'm really undecided about whether I want to read it!

Happy reading and good luck with your exams!

Stepping Out of the Page said...

Ooh, those look like two awesome books. I have only heard great things about Unravelling, so I hope it lives up to the hype for you.

Good luck with your exams, Sophie! :)

Steph @ Stepping Out of the Page

Stephanie Verhaegen said...

I am dying to read Scarlet myself so I'm pretty jealous you have it. Enjoy the books! :D

Here's my Showcase Sunday!

~new follower~

missbookreviews said...

I've been wanting to read Unraveling for quite a while now!


Laura Hartley said...

Good luck with your exams :) I've got them too wahh :(
Heard lots of good things about both of these so hope you enjoy! :)

Here's my SS

Your latest follower :)
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Mel - Thedailyprophecy. said...

Scarlet *do a little dance* You're going to LOVE it. I know I did. She is an amazing main character :D

Happy reading and good luck with your final exam ^^

Mimi Valentine said...

Oh, Sophie! Aren't exams terrible? Even though I miss being able to see all your gushing adorable posts, I completely understand about exams and being busy! I'd say good luck on your final hard exam, but I already know you'll do great! :')

And I can't wait to read what you thought of Unraveling because I loved it like crazy, Ben was sweetly awesome, and the sci-fi concept is literally out of this world! ;) (You'll see what I mean when you read it LOL)

Amazing showcase this week, Soph! And because I haven't said it in a while: I ADORE YOU! <3

Rachel @ Unforgettable Books said...

Good luck on your last difficult final and other exams Sophie! My last one is tomorrow! I can't wait to start enjoying summer!
I bought Unraveling this week and really enjoyed it! I hope you like it!

Miss Page-Turner said...

Good luck for your exam. Hope you can enjoy your books after that:)

Gianna said...

Eeep, Sophie, good luck on your exams! <33 I know you'll do great! <3

And you got Unraveling?! I've been wanting to that for forever. XD I hope you enjoy it! I also have Scarlet for my Kindle, which I can't wait to get into! :) We should read it together! ;D

Hope you have a wonderful week, Sophie, and good luck again! <3

Jennifer said...

Would love to read Unraveling!

Suerte con tus finales!

Jennifer @ Dream Reads

Juju at Tales of said...

Fantastic stuff!

Ajoop. S said...

Unraveling sounds amazing. It's in my shelf as well and I can't wait to read it! Good luck on your last difficult exam. <33 You'll do great!

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