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My name is Sonia. I’m 19 and currently living in Spain. I tend to use a lot of nicknames and I have kind of settled with Sophie, the English  equivalent of my real name. I’m in my first year of college, studying Telecommunications engineering. Technology fascinates me. But I love things related to art. And reading. And my favorite person in the world is my twin sister.

I have a Spanish blog where I post reviews of YA books to help increase their awareness, their chance to get published… but alas, almost no one knows them. This is kind of a more personal blog while still a book reviewing blog. 

Having that said, please forgive for my most-than-probable mistakes, spanglish, etc. Enjoy reading! 

Where you can find me: 

E-mail – sweetsweetpages (at) gmail (dot) com


Jennifer said...

I need more spanish YA book blogs to follow. I have only found one and it's a way to keep my spanish up-to-date. You have a fabulous blog, btw :)

Bookaholic 007 said...

Hi! Your blog is gorgeous! I'm a new follower! Hoping you can follow my book blog: www.blogofabookaholic.blogspot.com

Thanks and happy reading!

Shahnila Shafiq said...

Hi Sonia, love ur blog:D I am a new follower, hoping you can check out and follow my book blog: www.bookishtimes.blogspot.co.uk

Helena @LenaLostinBookland said...

Hello! Cute blog, indeed Sophie is Sofia xD

littlebookstar said...

I really want to visit Spain someday :D Really like your blog, I'm a new follower :)
Little Book Star

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